Role: Concept Artist, Assistant Creative Director

I had the pleasure of contributing as the concept artist for Red Pill VR. We are developing Formosa, the first demonstration of Red Pill VR's audio-reactive life-form concept. Our first iteration of Formosa made its debut at Oculus Connect 3 for the Oculus Rift + Touch in October 2016.
Formosa is still currently evolving, and will surface again soon.

I took to the fulfilling task of exploring and defining the anatomy of our audio-reactive life-form. Its anatomy should come together in a way that allows us to 'see the music'. This was my focus.

Once an anatomical set-up was established, I worked during the production phase to continue to refine the look of our jellyfish(es). A requirement on this project is to be as flexible as possible with the design, as every step of the way with Red Pill VR's tech uncovers something unexpected.
A look into how the design process went down for one of the jellyfish in a later (and more ambitious) version of Formosa. After defining important features to be seen in our Melody jellyfish, I took to the random shape maker in Alchemy as a starting point for anatomical features.