Art Direction for Bitmoji’s 3D AR Avatar

I was the art lead for the production of the 3D translation of the existing Bitmoji IP, establishing the look and feel of the translation from 2D to 3D.
I oversaw asset creation and ensured stylistic cohesion for the modeling and texturing of thousands of avatar assets, including hair, eyes, skin tones, and fashion.

I was the liaison between the 2D leadership and our dedicated 3D team. I created an art bible that passed on our style conventions for future work, with respect to 3D production limitations.
The product debuted in September 2017.


Concept Design for 3D Bitmoji AR Lenses

I contributed to asset design for production, verifying its quality through the modeling and texturing stages, and approved its final look in Snap’s proprietary engine.


Texturing Team Lead

As the texturing lead on our barebones team, I reviewed work, handled performance reviews, hiring/firing decisions, and connected the texturing artists to other specialists within and outside the team, facilitating skill development during the week where the roadmap permits.

When the workload was heavier, I took the opportunity to learn how to texture using Mudbox and Maya to work on simpler props or revisions, allowing my team to handle tasks with more depth.

3D Bitmoji Lenses with External Partners

I’m not allowed to share my art direction and concept work done with external partners in my portfolio, but I can point to news outlets that featured these projects.

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